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13 Mar

Ned and Catherine contacted us shortly after they lost their 13-year- old Westie, Jake. They,and their 4-year-old Westie, Fenway, were really missing Jake and needed a buddy.

Not long afterward, a floppy-eared Westie named Buddy joined our program. Buddy had been raised with another dog and was looking for a family with a dog playmate. We introduced the boys and it was a perfect match. They recently moved to the Northwest and we received this email update.

"All I can say and continue to say is that Buddy is truly an amazing little fella'!  I do not think that Fenway would have faired as well as he did during the move had it not been for Buddy.  Buddy just kinda' comforted Fenway the whole way - the two days driving in the car - the hotel room - and our apartment for two months before we moved into this amazing house with huge backyard and trees for the boys.

We love Buddy so much.  Every morning, when he hasn't slept on the bed with us, he will come and jump up on the bed and hang with Ned and get petted and stare into Ned's eyes and wag his tail.  He so loves the car and his walks.  Our new neighbors love both Fenway and Buddy - and love Buddy's tail always wagging.  The boys have a couple of dog friends in the "hood" - a Cairn that lives on the corner and a Shiz that lives two doors down.  There is a black and white cat that taunts them when they are looking out the front window - and then of course, there are the squirrels.

All is good for the boys. We are so blessed"